Hi, I'm Daniel.

As a creative and humanitarian, my passion for photography and visual media has been informed by my family's history of oppression and forced displacement in the Middle East. It was later solidified through my educational pursuits in history focusing on visual representations of human struggle during conflict, peacemaking and forced migration. Through more than eight years of photography and digital marketing experience, I possess expertise in commercial and freelance photography within an extensive network of corporate, non-profit, and independent clients, and specializes in digital and social media branding. In my own projects, my work places a specific emphasis on the power of visual storytelling and empowerment with works that invite conversation and action, and empower others to engage in visual storytelling. My work has taken me to refugee camps and other fragile contexts around the globe, including Greece, Uganda, Kenya, El Salvador, and more.

Former Creative Lead at The Unmentionables, an international refugee non-profit that provided forcibly displaced individuals and communities around the world with safe and consistent access to sexual and reproductive health education, services, protection, and empowerment programs. While at The Unmentionables, I also spearheaded UnExposed, a photography & storytelling education program meant to empower creative refugee youth and provide them with the skills needed to share their stories.

Former Creative Content Manager at Millie’s Bookshelf, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that displaced people worldwide have access to adequate reading resources. Millie's mission is to improve childhood literacy and access to health information in refugee settings.